Promote the iconic karaoke home device Canta Tu by Giochi Preziosi during the 2024 edition of the Sanremo Festival.

An exceptional karaoke home party with Paola & Chiara by Canta Tu.

An all pink house in Sanremo during the most awaited week of the year, an iconic product symbol of karaoke and the artists protagonists of the Prima Festival… Here is the formula of Canta Tu Karaoke Night at Casa Paola & Chiara, a great home karaoke party to celebrate the biggest Italian music event with many exceptional guests, including Paola Turani and Valeria Angione.

An unprecedented opportunity that saw Paola & Chiara comment on the Festival and above all sing their greatest hits together with all the guests with the Canta Tu by Giochi Preziosi, the iconic karaoke that has enlivened Italian home parties for generations.