Studying a creative activation for Duck, belonging to the SC Johnson family company. A series of objectives to achieve: increase awareness of the Duck Fresh Discs brand and product, shift its perception from conventional to unconventional, broaden its target to include Millenials and Gen Z, engaging consumers with a viral activity and presenting the new limited editions edition of the Duck Fresh Discs product inspired by the world of gaming.

Duck and Musa created the brand’s first conversion marketing event ever starting from the simple and effective concept of Duck Water Games: the best games are played on the toilet.
During a weekend in Largo La Foppa, an unprecedented pop up gaming station was created to give the city an event full of fun and entertainment for adults and children: a large games room with new toilet-shaped stations, games consoles, basketball, golf, darts and a mini football pitch; outside, cotton candy, an educational desk, a panel for personalized product testing with fun themed graphics and the distribution of discount vouchers and nice branded gadgets, as well as the iconic Duck mascot.
To support the event, a 360-degree communication campaign was developed, with the involvement of TikTok and Instagram creators in line with the Millennial and Gen Z targets.
The Duck pop up gaming station attracted over 2,000 people and was the subject of social content gathered under the hashtag #DuckWaterGames, with 1M impressions.