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Lo scherzo a nonna fedez @maccosmeticsitalia #maccosmeticsitalia #makeup #macdreamup #ad

Un post condiviso da Fedez (@fedez) in data:


Promote the Mac Cosmetics Italia Instagram account and the covering power of the professional foundations of The Estéè Lauder Companies brand in a funny, unusual way. 


Collaborating with OMD, Gianmaria Unione and Newtopia, Musa produced a viral video content with the Italian rapper and personality Fedez playing a joke on his grandmother in a completely new guise: without any tattoo.

Some Instagram stories by Fedez anticipated the release of the video and of the backstage video, published respectively on the artist’s Instagram profile and on the Instagram page of the brand.

The video of Fedez’ joke to his grandmother aroused the curiosity of fans and media, that shared the content and picked up the news by relaunching it on the net, making it become viral in a short amount of time and bringing great visibility to the Instagram account of the brand. 

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