Branded Content

Promote Canta Tu by Giochi Preziosi finding a link with the 2023 edition of Sanremo, one of the most loved collective rituals of Italian entertainment, involving a large number of talents with an ad hoc format aimed at people anxiously waiting for the broadcast and talking to them exactly where they spend most of their time: on social media.

The social creator and trendsetterĀ Roberta Pitrone hosted a social format built specifically for Sanremo 2023, #LaPitroneRaccontaSanremo.
The initial idea was as simple as explosive: Roberta welcomed very special friends on her cozy sofa to watch the Festival all together and to have fun singing with Canta Tu!
The participants in #LaPitroneRaccontaSanremo, including Claudia Gerini, Simone Nolasco, Merdoscopo, Miriam Leone and many other influencers and celebrities, sang their hearts out using Canta Tu during all the evenings of the Festival and shared content on their Instagram accounts, making the product the protagonist of the activity. The days after, emotional videos were produced with the highlights of the day lived by Roberta and her guests thanks to Canta Tu by Giochi Preziosi.