Branded Event

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Snai San Siro Hippodrome in the best possible way.

To celebrate this important anniversary of the Milanese liberty racecourse, Snaitech entrusted Musa with the organization of two great events: a special concert by the Italian artist and producer Dardust and the 100 anni di emozioni exhibition, inaugurated during the FAI Autumn days.

Introduced by the beloved radio speaker of Radio 105 Fabiola Casà, Dardust performed with a quintet of strings at the foot of Leonardo’s Horse, on which a spectacular lighting show was projected. To comply with safety measures due to the Covid emergency, the event was broadcast live on the Facebook page of the Snai San Siro Hippodrome and it remained then available on demand for the next 7 days. Dardust’s concert was a special and evocative live show, during which art and music created a magical and enveloping atmosphere.

During the concert, the contents of the 100 anni di emozioni exhibition, celebrating the first century of history of the Snai San Siro Hippodrome, were unveiled in an exclusive preview. The exhibition officially opened to the public the following day, on the occasion of the FAI Autumn days. Sponsored by the Municipality of Milan and created by Snaitech and Musa under the supervision of Stefano della Torre, Professor of Restoration at the Milan Polytechnic, it consists of 6 panels set up in Leonardo’s Horse Area which, through period prints, photographs and texts, illustrated the historical-architectural evolution of a unique place such as the Snai San Siro Hippodrome.
To ensure full compliance with health safety regulations, visits are carried out in small groups with mandatory online booking.