Branded Content

Support Content+, Mindshare agency unit dedicated to content, in the choice of the most suitable artistic profile for its special digital interactive initiative AbbracciMusicali Huggies, dedicated to mothers-to-be and new mothers and their babies, selecting an artist able to respect the high quality of the musical compositions required as well as perfectly in line with the values and human feelings underlying the concept.

As one of the main strategic partners involved in the project by Content+, creator, producer and owner of the initiative, Musa signed the Italian independent songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Molla, chosen for his artistic skills as well as for being himself a creative, attentive and sensitive dad. Molla created the sound samples and the music of AbbracciMusicali Huggies and published the homonymous album Abbracci Musicali (Metatron/Artist First), containing 12 of the 60 tracks conceived and produced for this very special digital project, combining the benefits of music therapy with the sweetness of the first memories of the mother-child relationship. Molla is also amplifying the project on its social media pages.

Throughout the project, Musa played the role of music consultant and followed all the organizational and production phases related to the musical aspect, acting as an intermediary between the artist’s management and Mindshare for legal and production aspects and between the artist’s management and the digital agency AQuest for the technical aspects concerning the creation of the interactive website of the initiative.

On every mother can compose her own special melody for the future baby in the belly or for the newborn baby in the cradle, filling out a test with five simple questions on her feelings and thoughts with regards to pregnancy. At the end of the journey – enriched by the images by the illustrator Margherita Morellini – each mother receives some advice for her and her future child and can also download the song, share it on social media or go on trying new experiences, exploring new sounds and spreading tenderness.