Influencer Marketing

Communicating the transition of Colussi GranTurchese from single product to product line and boosting the launch of the call to action #lacolazioneprendevita.

In order to introduce the new product variants and to support the related call to action, animated GIFs inspired by the GranTurchese Più cookies were created and Musa selected and managed several influencers with fresh, young and ironic profiles and methods of interaction, in line with the tone of voice of Colussi GranTurchese.

The selected talents – Emma De Longis, Sara Luna Canola, Francesca Crescentini, Not Ordinary Family, Digital Modern Family, Emanuele Ferrari and Machedavvero – published stories and posts illustrating the qualities of the new products, the differences with the original biscuit, the special GIFs inspired by the product and the dedicated call to action.

The campaign, led by Address, garnered more than 1 million impressions.