Influencer Marketing

Developing a special activation through an influencer marketing operation, capable of telling the 100% positive and fresh personality of the Perfetti Van Melle’s Vivident Blast product by reaching a young target through a distinctive and engaging digital storytelling.

Vivident Blast is the chewing gum which helps you dispel any doubts and which makes your fresh side explode.

Based on this concept, Musa contributed to the brand strategy of the communication company YAM112003, involving the design of an Instagram filter and the development of an influencer marketing campaign.

Musa selected a shortlist of big, medium and micro names in line with the values ​​and personality of Vivident Blast and suitable for reaching a young target, such as Elisa Maino, Valeria Angione, Marta Losito, Gordon, Mariasole Pollio, Jody Cecchetto, Alice De Bortoli and Rosalba.

These and other talents published two sets of Instagram stories, showing their followers how to overcome moments of indecision and uncertainty thanks to Vivident Blast’s Instagram filter #blastaildubbio. In addition to illustrating how the filter works, the influencers involved in the campaign also invited their followers to try it to overcome their own doubts.