Branded Content

Devising an effective, engaging and innovative communication strategy to support the launch of Twinings’ new SuperGood tea line.

“The pleasure of taking a break”. Starting from this concept, central to the communication of Twinings’ new product line, Musa devised a communication strategy based on three pillars: a surprising IG livestream, a video hero amplification of the same and an effective influencer marketing campaign. 

Hosting the live IG was the profile of Camihawke, a talent who works full-time with social media and at the same time fits perfectly with the values ​​of the Twinings’ SuperGood target. Cami had reserved a surprise for all his followers: Frank Matano, a special co-star, the guest of the live broadcast, able to give the audience a Super Good Moment full of fun and lightheartedness. Cami and Frank conducted the live show and gave a moment of positivity and energy to all connected people by sipping SuperGood teas and showing the product pack, thus increasing people’s curiosity towards the taste experience they were living by enjoying that moment of pleasure.

The funniest and hilarious moments between Camihawke and Frank Matano were then extrapolated from the live broadcast and edited in a 59-second video published on the brand’s IG profile.

For the next two months, 5 talents, including the live talent host, will be involved in a real dissocial influencer marketing campaign, the message of which will be to live a taste experience in order to enjoy a break from the frenzy of daily commitments. The contents created by the talents will showcase the product and launch a CTA to their communities to create engagement.