Branded Content

Finding a reason why for the 2021 edition of the Onstage Awards, given the cancellations and postponements of most of live music tours due to restrictions caused by the Covid19 health emergency.

We decided it was right pay homage to live music and in particular to its workers, without whom concerts would not be possible. We collected videos from fans, artists and workers and gathered them in the greatest choral tribute to live music ever, titled WE ARE – ONSTAGE AWARDS 2021 and signed by the renowned production house Except under the artistic direction of Pepsy Romanoff.

The video saw the participation of many artists, such as Francesco Gabbani, Levante, Francesca Michielin, Lorenzo Fragola, Tiziano Ferro and Giuliano Sangiorgi.

The initiative, also including a teaser video published a few days before, was fully supported by the professional clothing brand Würth MODYF Italia and by all the workers’ associations which are fighting to go back to making music in absolute safety (Scena Unita, La Musica Che Gira, Bauli In Piazza, Squadra Live, This Is La Crew, Music Innovation Hub, Touring Pass, Chiamate Noi).